1. To get fitter when swimming: Studies in the US showed that up to 98% of recreational swimmers fail to improve aerobic fitness. This may be due to not swimming for long enough or not being able to work hard enough when swimming to reach aerobic capacity. This can be caused by having a weak or ineffective stroke which makes swimming hard to sustain. When you swim are you puffed out due to working hard or are you not breathing properly? Swimming has a multitude of health and fitness benefits – it is a full body workout, non weight bearing and improves cardio fitness. However if you are unable to swim well, these benefits are inaccessible.

2. To prevent injuries: Worse than not improving your fitness, swimming incorrectly can actually cause damage to your body! Ever hop out of a swim feeling a bit tight in your shoulders? This is usually down to swimming with bad technique. Did you know that between 40-91% of competitive swimmers struggle with shoulder pain. Stroke correction allows you to ensure any bad habits in your stroke can be ironed out, giving you a comfortable, easy stroke to last you a lifetime.

3. To be able to confidently swim in the ocean: We all love having a dip in the ocean on a hot summer’s day, but not as many of us are comfortable out the back in the ocean, or to swim the bay by yourself. Swimming lessons are a good way to increase your confidence swimming in the ocean. Being confident in your freestyle stroke opens up a world of opportunities to swim in the ocean for fun, fitness and adventure. Our stroke correction classes are designed specially for swimming in the sometimes bumpy, and choppy open water.

Join our Stroke Correction Video Clinics this Winter to improve your freestyle, get fitter, prevent injuries and enjoy the freedom of swimming in the ocean. Book in here or enquire with us for more details.

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