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Purpose Statement
Creating waves of happiness through ocean swimming.

Salty Fit provides a gateway to adventure and empowerment through swimming and aims to pass on a love of swimming in saltwater and all things salty.

We achieve this by providing unique swimming lessons, stroke correction courses and both pool & ocean training which allow people of all backgrounds and abilities to swim easier and enjoy the freedom of swimming in the ocean.


it’s not what you do, it’s who you swim with

everyone’s born to swim

the ocean is our playground

there is always room to learn and improve

to swim easier, further and more often


Joanna Kyriazakos (aka Mermaid) Founder:  Joanna was given the nickname Mermaid over a decade ago, by locals when she came onto the scene teaching people to swim at the pool and in the surf at Bondi. She has competed in & placed in Ocean swims, Surf Life Saving Titles & completed Molokai to Oahu. She is also the operator of 2 other ocean sports businesses –  Mermaid Swim Academy | WATSSUP WatsonsBay Stand Up Paddling.

Salt water is my elixir. It maintains my physical, mental and psychological wellbeing. I love that I can combine 2 of my greatest passions; one being the ocean and the other making a difference to people’s lives.