The words “squad training” can put off a lot of us who feel squad training is impersonal, boring or just too full on. However, unlike stuffy gyms or even heated swimming pools, sweating it out in salt water is refreshingly healthy for our bodies and minds.

At Salty Fit we pride ourselves on running our Lap Time sessions a little differently than your typical busy squad session:

  • We are an inclusive group of swimmers, triathletes, ocean-lovers and surfers. Whatever your goals may be each Lap Time session has something for everyone.
  • Your coach will introduce themselves, introduce you to the regular swimmers and put you at ease at your first session. If you are unfamiliar with squad training and using the pacing clock or just need a refresher your coach will be able to guide you.
  • Lap Time sessions are for people of all abilities. Whether you are slow or fast, you can still come down and get some kms under your belt. Instead of offering one standard set that everyone does exactly the same, your coach will adapt the swim set to suit each individuals’ needs, abilities and speeds.
  • Our Lap Time swim sets include the use of pull buoys and bands to activate your core as well as Individual Medley sets with all four strokes to use different muscles. You will also work on your pacing, using the clock and time trials to track your progress and fitness. No mindless freestyle following the blackline! Our sessions are both enjoyable and rewarding.

Lap time sessions Saturdays 2:00 – 3:00pm at Prince Alfred Park Pool.

A casual drop in price for Lap Time is $20 or purchase a 13 session multipass for $210 ($16 per session). Or commence a monthly membership for $130 a month for unlimited swimming and start your journey to becoming a stronger and fitter swimmer!

**Lap Time is currently running at limited time only so come and join us!


What People Say

I thought swimming was only about arms because that’s all I could see as a novice swimmer before I joined in October 2014. This is when I was swimming 2.40 for 100 m.

Fast forward to August 2015 and I have completed a full IRONMAN with a swim leg of 3.8 km and can now swim 2.15 per 100 m and swim butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. So different to my childhood self that churned with anxiety every year at the swimming carnivals for fear they were going to make me get in the water. The miracle can be put down to the wonderful coaches led by Mermaid herself Jo , who directs ,coaches and choreographs sessions for maximum improvement and achievement .

Now I’m beginning to understand how my body responds to the increase in swim fitness and how the Glutes , core and body position work under the water to propel me forward.Yes my Glutes burn , yes I’m speechless due to hypoxia and my mind is mush as I try to keep the time repeats and change of stroke . But wow do I love the fire and the burn.!!!!

Thank you to all of you for creating the fire within.

Belinda Lockwood

I find squad training quite boring and have been looking for something that would click and last night at Icebergs was perfect – will definitely be back!

Michaela Perske

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A combination session with both stroke correction and squad training.

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