Private Open Water Lessons

Learn and improve your ocean skills and awareness in your very own private open water swim lesson. These lessons are specifically designed to impart our ocean water expertise for both beginner and advanced ocean swimmers*. With our extensive surf knowledge coupled with our innate swim teaching skills are the two elements to help you improve or learn as an ocean swimmer.

*For the safety and enjoyment of this session as well as to build and maintain confidence in your swimming, participants should have the ability to swim freestyle confidently, please get in touch with us to determine your freestyle ability and suitable open water location and conditions suitable for you.

Sessions cover:

  • How to read the surf, identify rips and sandbanks and the best area to swim.
  • Surf swim skills – wading, porpoising and duck diving. How to get through the surf break effectively and efficiently.
  • Swimming out the back of the surf break, get comfortable and remain calm in deep water
  • How to navigate in open water for open water swimming
  • How to come through the surf break effectively and safely, as well as learn to body-surf and catch waves
  • How to adjust your stroke to varying open water conditions.

If you would like to book in a private open water swim lesson please contact us here directly or complete this form.


Ocean Swimming Courses

Ocean Swimming Confidence Course (3 weeks)

If you have always wanted to try ocean swimming but need some confidence to do so, plus you are looking to meet a group of amazing ocean lovers to play in the ocean with you and build your fitness all the while of learning the movements of the surf zone and open moving water, and have a ball then this course is for you!

Our 3 week Ocean Swimming Confidence Course will introduce you to the magical ocean environment and the basics of swimming in open water, safely and with confidence.

You will learn to negotiate a surf break as well as the art of catching waves and exhilaration of body surfing!

Join a small group of like minded swimmers and be in a supportive and fun learning environment with the Mermaid herself Joanna Kyriazakos

The course will focus on :

  • Ocean swimming techniques/ stroke.
  • How to swim in waves- catch a wave in, reading the ocean, understanding where is safe to swim and how to tackle the surf.

Pre-requisite : must be able to swim 400m freestyle/ front crawl.
Every swimmer will get a complimentary swim cap – to make sure you look the part!

BOOKINGS, DATES AND TIMES WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON! So you don’t miss this start date or a spot (courses are conducted in small groups) Register your interest here so we can let you know when bookings are going live and for your chance to arrange a course at your favourite location on Bondi or the Central Coast!