Online Build Your Style Course

Want to build (or improve) your freestyle but want to fit in your lessons to your busy schedule? We’ve been building an Online version of our renowned Build Your Style course! This course is not just a course, but a well tested system which helps you build your freestyle stroke from scratch!

Now you can build (or improve and rebuild) your freestyle anywhere and anytime, at your own pace too! Check out the details here:



Our private lessons are suitable for every type of swimmer: from beginners to your everyday swimmer to competitive swimmers and triathletes.

1 x PRIVATE LESSON (Individual or Shared)

Book in an hour to work on your individual stroke (or lack of)!

Book in for a private lesson or bring a friend for a shared private and motivate each other to reach your swimming goals.

Individual Private ($110)
Shared Private ($155)


What People Say

First session today very daunting, however, Katie was a true professional and handled my inadequacies with ease.. I look forward to the future sessions!

Shane Hannah

Instructor was fantastic! A 6am start can be challenging, but she was bubbly / motivating and fun. Within minutes I was in the water and learning new techniques while still feeling confident about my current style.

Really great to see how the Salty Fit branding is not just logos on jumpers, but is a whole approach to swimming and radiates though every part of the lesson.

Thanks so much, first of a session pack but already aspects to train on to improve and know that this is a great investment.

Jeremy Garling

Very quick at noticing and concentrating on what aspects of swimming need to be worked on. Thoroughly enjoyed my lesson and looking forward to the next.

Gerald Bojungs

Great fun and learnt loads in just an hour. My coach was super enthusiastic and full of energy! Looking forward to my next session.

Chris Ellis

Thanks Jo I really enjoy our time this morning. I was quite nervous before hand. You may me feel comfortable from the start. Looking forward to next week. Thanks once again.

David Bevan