In the Eastern Suburbs we are lucky enough to have the ocean as our playground! At Salty Fit we love to make the most of it! Our ocean sessions run at Bondi Beach

Ocean Fitness Training (drop in sessions)

FACE THE WAVES (aka Ocean Surf Swimming)

Swimming and training in the surf will get you fit and make you stronger in your general swim training. Learn and improve on your ocean skills and awareness. These sessions are specifically designed to impart our expertise to both beginner and advanced ocean swimmers.

A minimum of 1km continuous freestyle or more is required to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants.


Private Surf Swim Sessions

Learn and improve your ocean skills and awareness in your very own private surf swim session. These sessions are specifically designed to impart our ocean water expertise for both beginner and advanced ocean swimmers*. Our coaches expert skills can help you with whatever you want to improve upon. Most sessions will be conducted at Bondi Beach, however, depending on swim ability and surf conditions, we may offer alternative venues within and around the Eastern Suburbs.

*For the safety and enjoyment of this session as well as to build and maintain confidence in your swimming, participants should have the ability to swim freestyle confidently, please get in touch with us to determine your freestyle ability and suitable open water location and conditions suitable for you.

Sessions cover:

  • How to read the surf, identify rips and sandbanks and the best area to swim.
  • Surf swim skills – wading, porpoising and duck diving. How to get through the surf break effectively and efficiently.
  • Swimming out the back of the surf break, get comfortable and remain calm in deep water
  • How to navigate in open water for open water swimming
  • How to come through the surf break effectively and safely, as well as learn to body-surf and catch waves
  • How to adjust your stroke to varying open water conditions.

If you would like to book in surf/open water swim or face the waves style session please contact us here directly or complete this form here.


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