Our weekly swim sessions, monthly courses and private lessons run all year round at Bondi Icebergs Pool, an unheated, outdoor saltwater pool.

Swim Fitness Training (drop in sessions)

Advance Your Style

Boost your freestyle and start your journey to improve your swim fitness.

A combination session with both stroke correction and squad training.

Open to all swimmers who want to both improve their stroke and get swimfit.


Lap Time

Get swim fit, clock up some mileage & get faster.

Open to all swimmers – fast or slow, who can swim a minimum of 500m freestyle.


Swim Courses

Build Your Style (Stroke Correction)

Learn the art of freestyle the correct way! Improve your breathing, balance, efficiency and power in the water.

Open to anyone confident swimming in deep water & putting their face/eyes in the water.

Specifically designed for adults who want to learn freestyle or any swimmer wanting to improve their stroke.


Ultimate Beginner (Adult Learn to Swim)

Learn how to breathe, relax and feel comfortable in the water. This course teaches the foundations of freestyle.

Designed for adults who are not confident in the water.


Stroke Correction Video Clinic

See yourself swim and receive video analysis of your freestyle stroke. Improve your  freestyle, through common sense theory, practical drills, intensive feedback and before and after footage of your swimming.

The course is open to all levels of ability, including seasoned swimmers looking to improve their swim performance and beginners to freestyle – as long as you are comfortable swimming in deep water and can submerge your face in the water without fear.


Private Swimming Lessons 

Private lessons and programs

Private lessons and personalised swim programs designed just for you. Suitable for all levels of ability, fitness and swim experience.


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