Stroke Correction Video Clinic

Do you feel like you’ve not felt improvement in your swimming in months or years?
Have you done lessons before but have dropped back into old habits?

Salty Fit Stroke Correction Video Clinics are back this Winter.

This is a rare opportunity to see yourself in action. Our Stroke Correction Video Clinics will allow you to see yourself swim and through visual feedback and expert coaching you will gain the knowledge to improve your stroke. You will be able to see exactly what you look like when you breathe, your body position in the water and how your stroke looks as you move through the water.

Each week the stroke is broken down into simple theory and stroke correction drills to help you build an effortless and efficient freestyle.

Our goal is to help you breathe easier, feel more balanced and move with more power in the water.
Stroke Correction Video Clinics are a 3 week course to improve your freestyle.
Where? Cook & Phillip Park Aquatic Centre
When? We are running six video clinics over Winter. Choose from Saturday afternoons or Monday evenings after work.

Dates coming soon.

Video Clinic Course – $260

Read what previous Stroke Correction Video Clinic swimmers have to say:

Thank you so much. I loved the course and I will practice my guts out to get things right.
I was so happy today I did a swim at Coogee about 1500 metres and kept those arms ahead of me and breathed both sides. My swimming buddies could see improvement as not so far behind them as usual. I didn’t feel as panicky. Felt like gliding better. Every time I did a bad stroke I’d push myself back to the right way. Cheers and thank you Katie for your patience


September 2019 participant

Would highly recommend, great experience and I learnt loads in only 3 weeks. Had amazing instructors, super positive and motivating and made the sessions great fun. Thanks team!

Tom Hugh

July 2019 participant

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