It is that time of year again where the New Year’s resolutions come out and some great goals are put into place… Don’t get us wrong… we LOVE all of these goals and we want EVERYONE to achieve ALL that they are capable of and MORE but… some people often forget that there is no quick fix when it comes to building a strong stroke and enhancing your swimming endurance. It is a common occurrence to have new clients book a session expecting to perfect their stroke and magically be able to swim long distances effortlessly after an hour. Although all our coaches are AMAZING, we do not have a MAGIC WAND  we can wave to fix your stroke overnight. It takes patience, perseverance and practice to build your style in the pool, then dedication and passion will help maintain your stamina and continue to improve! There is no better time than to buckle down and put in the effort than NOW!

Commit to your next pool or ocean session right now and check 2018’s resolutions off your list.


See below for some local swim events! Unfortunately last Sunday, North Bondi Rough Water swim was canceled due to unsuitable conditions but there are plenty more events to satisfy your ocean swimming needs!

North Bondi Classic Swim
Sunday 11th February 2018

The North Bondi Classic Ocean swim is a great opportunity for people using swimming as part of their fitness regime, to have a go at a supervised ocean swim and to challenge themselves and see how their progress is going. There are 1km and 2km swims with 5 year age groups and a Back of the Pack for those who want to use flippers, wetsuits or other swim aids.

Swim the Bondi Blue Water Challenge
Sunday 25 February 2018

Main swim is a champagne glass-shaped course which runs out from in front of Bondi surf club, out towards McKenzies Pt, across towards Ben Buckler at the northern end of Bondi, then back into the surf club near the beach’s centre. There is an option to do a 2.1km, 1km, and 4km Beach Run and Nipper Challenge for the kids

Palm Beach-Whale Beach
Sunday 28th January, 2018

Palm to Whale beach is a great journey swim, blue ribbon swim on the ocean events calendar! It is one of the oldest running ocean swim events and one of Jo Mermaid favourites swim for its iconic backgrounds and for the challenge when its swell is up. The distance is 2.5 – 2.8 km, it is known as THE BIG SWIM because it is BIG, conditions vary from dead calm to testing south-easterly or uncomfortable nor easter’s which can arrive early in summer with swells from all directions making for challenging swimming when you breathe to the left. It is a huge achievement to complete. So this is definitely one you need to train for both in the surf and the pool! Feel free to email us if you want some more information on how to train for a big event like this.



BUILD YOUR STYLE (aka Stroke Correction) Time to fix that sloppy/hard working/ineffective stroke and learn to swim freestyle SMARTER, EASIER and MORE POWERFULLY!

Our infamous Stroke Correction Course will rehabilitate your stroke in just 4 to 8 sessions! Choose between 1 or 2 sessions per week and get into your effective and powerful swimming style before the swimming season ends!

Wednesdays 6:00-7:00am (07 – 28 FEBBOOK HERE NOW
Saturdays 12:30-1:30pm  (03 – 24 FEBBOOK HERE NOW

ULTIMATE BEGINNER– (aka Adults Learn to Swim) Begin your ‘learn to swim’ journey with our renowned Adult Learn to Swim course. Swimming lessons are specially designed for an adult audience. In just 4 lessons you can be swimming the art of Freestyle and conquering your fear of the deep! This course is run in the shallow pool in small groups with your instructor in the water ready to help you swim!

Saturdays 11:15am – 12:15pm (03 – 24 FEBBOOK HERE NOW

See you for a SALTY SPLASH really soon!

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