Our Lap Time sessions are all about improving your swim strength, fitness and speed. The aim of squad training is to have a fun workout and to get some kms under your belt. This means our sessions do not have a huge focus on stroke correction. However, some of our squad swimmers may not have done any stroke correction for years or ever! Swimming with an effective stroke should always be a high priority for all swimmers. With swimming, there is always room for improvement and you will be shocked by how much even small changes to your stroke can make to your efficiency, speed and mileage during a session.

If you are training regularly and have found you have plateaued on the same time repeats for a while now, doing some stroke correction could be the solution to getting faster. If your stroke is ineffective you will be unable to maximise your power and momentum in the water and therefore you will always find yourself getting slower and fatiguing over the duration of a swim set.

Thinking about your stroke is also important to prevent any injuries from occurring. It is essential to know if you are currently swimming with any bad habits which could cause damage to your shoulder joints over time. Stroke correction will help you iron out any issues and give you a comfortable, easy stroke to last you a lifetime.

Thinking about your stroke also gives you an element of mindfulness to a long swim set. For example, if you are doing 3 x 800m freestyle instead of thinking about your to-do list and what’s happening at work you can think about your catch and pull, your body position in the water and count how many strokes you do per lap etc. Perfect to keep your mind and body occupied!

Interested in some casual stroke correction to get you started? Swap Saturday Lap Time for an Advance Your Style session with Flora and she will sort your stroke out. Fancy more of an intensive revamp of your swimming? Our Video Clinics will show you what needs to change!

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