At Salty Fit we love ocean pools! Especially our home at the Bondi Icebergs – one of the most iconic ocean pools in the world. In Sydney, we are lucky to live next to a coastline boasting the largest number of ocean pools in Australia. New South Wales is home to almost one hundred ocean pools, far more than any other state. Sydney’s plethora of ocean pools arose due to its rugged coastline exposed to wild surf and the rise in popularity of swimming during the late 1800s. Ocean Pools started being developed by both local councils and private individuals to give swimmers a safe place to swim away from hazardous surf conditions. Waverley Council started construction and opened both Bronte Baths and Bondi Baths in 1887. The Bondi Icebergs we know today opened in 1931, whilst long distance swimmer Henry Alexander Wylie built Wylie’s Baths, Coogee, in 1907. We also have surf lifesaving clubs to thank for Sydney’s abundance of ocean pools. Surf clubs were very supportive of ocean pools for safety reasons. Sydney’s ocean pools are at the envy of other Australian cities. Although there have been no new ocean pools constructed since the 1960s with the increase in popularity of indoor aquatic centres, Sydney ocean pools remain highly popular with locals and tourists.

At Salty Fit we are passionate about making the most of our ocean backyard and are grateful to the pioneers who gifted Sydney with so many ocean pools. Why not get out there and enjoy a swim at your local ocean pool this weekend? Or hop into one of our Lap Time sessions at the Bergs on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Photo credit: @tourismnsw

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