Over the years, we have seen an array of swim abilities and swim styles. From total beginners to confident ocean swimmers and triathletes. Despite each individual’s different abilities, there are a couple things almost everyone is either doing wrong or can improve upon.

1. Not fully exhaling underwater:
To breathe easily when swimming, you need to fully exhale to allow you to get a full, easy breathe in. Not fully exhaling and inhaling is unsustainable and will leave you feeling exhausted after not swimming very far.


2. Swim with ‘windmill’ arms:
Many swimmers swim with windmill arms – where their arms spin continuously as they swim. Instead hold one arm up (in front of your shoulder) whilst the other arm pulls underwater. Your arm should only pull down as the other one comes over your shoulder to enter the water.


3. Kicking too much:
It is often thought that you need to kick faster and harder in order to swim faster. This however is not true, in fact kicking faster more often disrupts the stroke rhythm and your body position in the water. Instead relax your legs and learn to time them with the stroke for maximum momentum.


4. Poor body position:
Adults often have poor body position in the water. Ideally you need to have your body fully aligned along the surface of the water. To do this, engage your core, lift your hips and legs towards the surface of the water.


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