Many adults are not great at diving. When you come down to the pool do you opt for the stairs or a slide-in entry? Or worse are you guilty of soaking the coach with the splash from your dive/bellyflop?! Fear not, we are here to help. Here are our top tips to execute the perfect dive at your next squad session:

  • Do you always lose your goggles when you dive in? This means your head is not in the right position. Make sure your chin is tucked into your chest and your arms are squeezing your ears./li>
  • Your hands should enter the water first followed by your head, body and legs. If you find yourself going in belly first or making a massive splash with your legs behind you this means you are not getting enough push off from the wall and are therefore entering the water too flat. Try doing a kneeling dive with one knee down on the poolside to help get the sensation of your legs entering the water after your body.
  • Do you find yourself nearly touching the bottom of the pool every time you dive in? This means you are entering too short and going straight down, so try to aim further out and get a more shallow entry into the water.

The more you practice the easier it will become to execute the perfect dive every time.

We look forward to seeing your dives at your next session! Remember Katie, Flora and Jo are always happy to help you out with everything from dives to tumble turns and stroke tips.

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