We are excited to announce Salty Fit’s renowned ocean swimming lessons are now on Central Coast! If you’re splashing about at a beach on the Coast and are looking to join other like minded swimmers or perhaps you’re looking to learn how to swim better and more confidently in the ocean let us know your interest here or proceed and book your slots below.

Ocean Swimming Confidence Course

If you have always wanted to try ocean swimming but need some confidence to do so, plus you are looking to meet a group of amazing ocean lovers to play in the ocean with you and build your fitness all the while of learning the movements of the surf zone and open moving water, and have a ball then this course is for you!

Our 3 week Ocean Swimming Confidence Course will introduce you to the magical ocean environment and the basics of swimming in open water, safely and with confidence. You will learn to negotiate a surf break as well as the art of catching waves and exhilaration of body surfing!

Join a small group of like minded swimmers and be in a supportive and fun learning environment with the Mermaid herself Joanna Kyriazakos.

The course will focus on :

  • Ocean swimming techniques/ stroke.
  • How to swim in waves- catch a wave in, reading the ocean, understanding where is safe to swim and how to tackle the surf.

Pre-requisite : must be able to swim +500m freestyle/ front crawl.
Every swimmer will get a complimentary Salty Fit swim cap – to make sure you look the part!

*Meet at the ramp next to Soldiers Surf Life Saving Club.
WHEN: Saturdays
TIME: Morning


Ocean Fitness Training (Drop In Sessions)

Flat Water Ocean Swimming

Drop in sessions or 6 week program introducing the first location on the Central Coast!

Starting from October our newest ocean swimming training sessions will commence from Cabbage Tree Bay in Norah Head on the gorgeous Central Coast! During these sessions expect to swim train! Build your stamina, endurance and even speed!

These sessions are great for a wide range of swimmers, with a minimum freestyle ability of 500m (if you swim 500 up to 1000m of continuous freestyle, bring your fins!) to over 1km plus plus plus! Sessions will include interval training, distance and even adventure swimming!

WHEN: Thursdays
TIME: 7-8am (Please arrive for briefing at 6:50am or 10 minutes before the time.)
PRICING: Drop in casual $20 per session or
6 Sessions introductory pack for Central Coast sessions $90 or 13 visit multipass $210


Intro Face the Waves (an Introduction to Ocean Swimming)

Have you recently graduated from an Ocean Swimming Confidence Course?
Are you keen to join our weekly Face the Waves swim sessions??
But unsure what you’re going yourself in for?!

Then our Intro to Face the Waves is the perfect chance to come and find out what these sessions are about.

These sessions will help you to overcome any fear you might have about joining our regular weekly swims and give you the confidence to join pre existing ocean swimmers in our group sessions.

Come and Join us!


Face the Waves (aka Ocean Surf Swimming)

Swimming and training in the surf will get you fit and make you a stronger swimmer! Our famous Face the Waves sessions are specifically designed to impart our expertise for the surf as well as swimming to both intermediate and advanced ocean swimmers. Consistent attendance to these sessions will build your knowledge, fitness and surf skills to confidently tackle most surf environments, and even crack a few (or lots of) waves as your body surfing skills improve from session to session.

For yours and everyone’s safety a minimum of 1km continuous freestyle (and ideally under 25 minutes as a minimum) is required for these sessions. If in doubt or if it’s your first time joining contact us to help you decide if this session is right for you.

Face The Waves sessions SOLDIERS BEACH:
*Meet at the ramp next to Soldiers Surf Life Saving Club..
WHEN : Fridays
TIME : 7-8am (Please arrive for briefing at 6:50am or 10 minutes before the time.)
PRICING : Drop in casual $20 per session or
6 sessions introductory pack for Central Coast sessions $90 or
13 visit multipass $210

Monthly membership ( $130 a month) includes all Sydney, Bondi and Central Coast drop in sessions) Great way to start your journey in becoming a strong and fit swimmer! Sign Up here


Private Ocean Swimming Lessons

Learn and improve your ocean skills and awareness in your very own private open water swim lesson. These lessons are specifically designed to impart our ocean and surf expertise for both beginner and advanced ocean swimmers*. With our extensive surf knowledge coupled with our specialist swim teaching skills these two elements will help you improve or learn as an ocean swimmer.

Ocean Swimming in the Central Coast
There are a sooo many options to ocean swim on the Central Coast of NSW! Currently offered at Cabbage Tree Bay, Norah Head and The Haven, Terrigal Beach. However, depending on your swim ability and what you want to focus on, there are many beaches with surf breaks where we can arrange to conduct your private surf swim lessons to get you your salty fix all whilst you learn to navigate the surf and perfect your body surfing!


Open Water Swim Training

Open Water swimming is becoming the go-to form of exercise especially during the current pandemic (best form of social but socially distant activity!) but also because of growing media exposing the benefits of thalassotherapy (swimming in salty ocean water) and also cold water swimming for mental and physical wellbeing.

These sessions are ideal for beginner ocean swimmers as they are held in less surf exposed locations and a favoured choice for swimmers wanting the challenge and fitness that moving water can offer (as opposed to flat water and pools). Also a perfect training option for triathletes looking to build their navigation skills in open water environments for race practice.

A minimum of 500 metres of continuous freestyle is required to safely and confidently join these sessions.

Timetable and bookings will become available soon! In the meantime please register your interest so we can let you know as soon as these sessions become available.